HR Consulting  Services

HR Audits

  • Our HR audit gap study at the client site helps understand, whether the current HR practices and HR climate are aligned to the organization or hinder the performance of the organizational goals.
  • The HR audit provides an action plan for a corrective action by the HR department.
  • The study helps in implementing HR best practices to achieve the organizational results.
  • The audit is done on statutory compliances, Strategic, function-specific & HR Best practices and provides a solution with an implementation methodology.


Role Profiling & Employee Engagement - OD Interventions:

Structure Diagnostic Studies & Interventions:

  • We have expertise in Structure Diagnostic studies for organizations.
  • Our Structure Diagnostic Study and interventions  will help the organization in providing solutions to run the delivery organization and operations effectively.
  • The Structure Diagnostic study will reveal the effectiveness of scalar chain and chain of command.
  • It will help in optimising the resources and to make each of the functions/projects profitable so as to achieve the desired results.
  • The Structure Diagnostic will  help in idenifying internal growth and sucession plans for employees.
  • The Structure Diagnostic study will also help in lowering the attrtion and to have a retention strategy in place for the organization.

It will also help in reducing the salary cost and increase the operational efficiency.


Our other expertise in HR Consulting & Solutions:

  • Job Evaluation
  • Role Mapping
  • Banding (Grades & Levels)
  • Goal setting for each role and Performance Development Interventions
  • Competency assessment & Competency Mapping,
  • Compensation Benefits
  • Career Progressions & Succession Plans
  • Employee Engagement survey’s


We provider our HR expertise and consulting for organizations on a Part Time, Full Time, Retainership & on Module Assingnment basis.